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A Celebration of Life: November 5 1985 - January 24 2003


Let us gather to mourn and remember

A beautiful child of November

Facing a lonely tomorrow

Bearing the weight of our sorrow;

Tears may fall like heaven's rain

But the memory of his presence will always remain;

Spring will come when the robin sings

To ease the pain that winter brings;

So, cherish those moments of utter joy

The luminous smile of a little boy;

Sharing our love must never wait

'Cause destiny is ruled by luck and fate;

Time is as precious as every breath we take

As fleeting as every promise we forsake;

In happiness or in strife

I vow to honor him the balance of my life;

His spirit will linger like a burning ember

Goodbye, our beautiful child of November!

------by Joseph Ruiz

My Sister’s Son

You passed through our world like a meteor at night

A brief burst of energy, but oh so bright

Seems like it was only yesterday

When you made us laugh with your curious way

Your short time was blessed by so much love

Now, Angels carry you to the heavens above

Too many memories in my head

Too many things I should have said

I should have tried harder to always be near

To give you the warnings you needed to hear

Those final words bring so much pain

But Henry Badillo will not die in vain

My life shall proceed with much regret

Poco, my nephew, I’ll never forget  

-Joseph Ruiz (01/03)


To: Andrew, Max, Carlo & Henry

The haunting cry of an urgent call

The endless ticking of a clock on the wall

Notes of music heard from afar

The lonely image of his silent guitar

Words that will never grace a page

Poets gone at too early an age

Sadness and pain in a Mother’s face

Bittersweet memories of a final embrace

Through autumn’s gray or the blue of summer

I’ll dance to the beat of a distant drummer

From the streets of Tribeca to the shores of Pelham Bay

We walk with fallen angels and teardrops in our way

-Joseph Ruiz (05/03) 


Wandering the streets in a daze

Trying to negotiate the human maze

Contemplating the wasted years

Trying to stem the tide of tears

Thinking I saw your face today

Trying to understand how you went away

Struggling with a bitter hurt

Trying to ignore the terror alert

Nine one one and nine fifty eight

Trying to forget these numbers I hate

Searching for success and prosperity

Trying to find a moment of tranquility

Stuck behind my emotional fence

Trying to recall when the world made sense

-Joseph Ruiz (03/09/03)


In the darkness, I awaken

And despair for what was taken

Seasons pass me by

Yet, still I wonder why

It’s hard to understand

The touch of nature’s hand

So many days remind

Of the void they left behind

Living always in my memory

Forever young and running free

Reunited at the water’s edge

To reaffirm a solemn pledge

Never forget, but grieve no more

A final farewell to our band of four 

-Joseph Ruiz (01/04)


From holy waters to Holy Cross

Life is a journey of triumph and loss

Comes a time when roads must part

Forever, he lives in a family’s heart

On a bed of clouds, a child to sleep

Tears to dry in a love so deep

A smiling face among the stars

To sooth the anger and heal the scars

Treasure the memory of a joyful past

These moments of anguish shall not last

Our precious bird has flown away

In the arms of Jesus, he’ll always stay

At the gates of redemption a "little one" stood

Give thanks to the heavens ‘cause "it’s all good"

-Joseph Ruiz (06/03)


What defines a Mother’s love?

Or, the majestic beauty of a soaring dove?

The simple treasures she’ll forever miss

The gentle pleasures of maternal bliss

Lost in time amid reflection

Fond remembrance of a Child’s affection

What compares to a Mother’s devotion?

Not the highest peak or deepest ocean

-Joseph Ruiz (05/19/05)

A Winter’s Night

I turned away and you were gone

Each sunrise brings a lonely dawn

Too many tears I have cried

The emptiness down deep inside

The somber words that I still hear

A desperate voice ringing in my ear

Tormented by a mother’s plight

Stolen dreams on a winter’s night

So hard to bear our family cross

So hard to share our family loss

Denied a chance to say goodbye

Only left to question why

-Joseph Ruiz (01/06)

Even Still

Was it fate, or was it God's will?

A Mother mourns a lost child - even still

In springtime’s bloom or winter’s chill

A family struggles to accept - even still

Neither time nor space will ever kill

The bitterness I feel - even still

Memories of laughter continue to fill

My anguished heart with pleasure - even still

Though lost in pursuit of a misguided thrill

Our pride and love shall remain - even still

I hope this celebration will instill

A small measure of healing – even still

-Joseph Ruiz (11/06)

Henry Anthony Badillo

11/05/85 – 01/24/03

Happy Birthday, Poco. Sleep in Peace.

Rest In Peace

Henry, Max, Carlo & Andrew

always in our hearts!

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